Any tips for how to see 1-10 on the harmonica?


I just got my first harmonica and music book. The book has 1-10 blow in/out so it’s easy for me to do IF I could see the 1-10 on the harmonica. Any tips for how to SEE those numbers?


As the harmonica is always in your mouth when playing, it isn’t physically possible to see the hole numbers at the same time. With a little practice, you’ll be able to locate the holes “blind”. The best way to learn this is to focus your eyes on the desired hole opening while bringing the instrument to your lips. Practicing scales as well as melodies helps you learn to move the harmonica the right amount so that your lips enclose the next channel. Not for nothing do they call the harmonica the “blind man’s instrument” :wink:


Hi Laura,
I second all the good advice the moderator gave and add this, which works well for me. As he said, learn your major scale, do, re, mi, etc., in holes 4-7. Train your ear to hear that tonic note, do, the one that begins the scale. Think of that one as blow 4. From there train yourself to move the harmonica the right amount to hit the notes you want. You said you had a G harmonica. The third note mi, in the G scale, B is blow 5. In effect, you “see” the holes with your ears. As you learn the partial scale above hole 7, with the different breathing pattern and missing note, and the partial scale below hole 4 with its doubled note and two missing notes, and relate both to the complete major scale from holes 4-7, you’ll find this approach works there as well. Let your ears do the work. Good luck. It’s simpler than I’ve made it sound.