I have 2 Harmonicas I would like to Identify

I have 2 old Harmonicas that I have inherited. Can anybody tell me more about them? They came from my father in the USA: Thanks.

I could only upload one Picture.

The second picture.

Hi Scotty,
I’m not sure about the first one, as your photo only shows the bottom cover and the model name is usually stamped on the top cover. The Echo models are tremolo harmonicas. A photo of the channel openings would be helpful, if there are two rows of holes one above the other then that’s what it’ll be. They are popular for traditional folk playing. Judging by the packaging, this one is fairly old. I would guess that it dates from no later than the 1970s judging by the text on the inside of the lid, and may well be considerably older. It’s been a while since the Hohner factory employed 4400 workers. Hope that helps!

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Thank you for the Info Steve.
Yes they have 2 rows. So I guess that is what they are.
Would they be of value to anyone?

I dunno if they have any value, that would depend on their condition. Nowadays the cardboard packaging is often worth more than the harmonica. Maybe try looking on eBay to get an idea?

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