A Hohner Special 20 Guide from a Special 20 main

I feel like it’s about time that I did a topic thread on the forum. I’ve been playing pro-grade harmonicas for four months (partially teaching myself) and I have never even had a harp as good as my main harmonica, the Hohner Special 20. Instead of explaining what the harp does because it is so iconic, I’ll try and give you some tips for playing this harp.
Try Different Keys
With the Special 20 specifically, it has a dark and even borderline raspy timbre in the key of C. Like many harps, the key might reflect in its tone. For example, a Special 20 in Bb has a bittersweet and raspy sound in comparison to the key of D, which is very mellow. Try to experiment and see which keys sounds the best to you.
Don’t Abuse the Upper Register
If you’re playing 1st position blues, go right ahead and use this harp’s upper register. It sounds very sweet and even beautiful at points. When I’m talking about “abusing the harp’s upper register” is that some players only use the Special 20’s high notes and never even use the bottom end. This might be a pet peeve of mine, but there’s more to this harmonica than shredding the high notes. If you have the time, practicing may help you with this issue. Exploring the low notes of this harp is so much fun and even with learning cross harp can make the Special 20 really sing.
Those are some of the tips I have for you. If you have any Special 20 tips for people wanting to get started with this harp, go right ahead and send a reply.


Do I understand right, you play harmonica since 4 months and you give the community advices thereabout?
Or do you mean 4 years?

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Do understand there are old professional players on here who don’t understand your situation, great to see a disabled person loving there instrument. I put picture of special 20 that i repaired gave me chance to learn reed work and removing stain from brass that’s a secret?
You keep learning and do the best you can ok good luck