About Harmonica history

Hi folks !!! I’m an harmonica lover and in Italy I teach Harmonica in a Music School placed in Northern Italy in a small town placed from Bologna And Venice.
I’m looking documentation related to the harmonica history: my interest is mainly focused on the musical genres for which it was invented in Germany. and after all its develop in the USA. Is there a way to know all these info about its history?

You Tube has a really interesting documentary “Tin Sandwich, Anyone-a History of the Harmonica”

The SPAH.org republished an article in the last year I wrote for the Encyclopedia of the Blues on the history of the harmonica in blues. It’s worth checking out. Joe Filisko

Thank you, Joe ( I continuously follow your activity on the web from 2010).
Unfortunately I don’t have access to SPAH articles, because I’m not registered

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Hi I have some information in one of my blogs Hohner Harmonica the way West