Accordion for Portuguese Folk Music?

Can anyone recommend a Hohner diatonic button accordion, 3 row/12 bass, suitable for playing portuguese folk music? I have a customer looking for something along the lines of the old Norma II accordion. Probably in keys of G/C/F.

Hi Tony,

for portugueses Folk Music we can reccomend a Corona or Compadre with the tuning GCF.

Hi Claudia, Thanks for the info. I thought so too.
The customer has come back to me with a tuning chart.
Can anyone translate these names into notes?
La / Do / Fa

Fa / Sol /Si / Re

Mi / Sol / Do

La / Re / Sol / Si

And, the 3 row accordion they want is a 10-row/11 row/12 row (inside to outside rows). Is that a Corona layout?

Hi Tony,

here the translation of the notes:
Do = C
Re = D
Mi = E
Fa = F
Sol = G
La = A
Si = B(englisch), H(german)

The layout of the Corona is 10/ 11/ 10 (inside to outside).

Unfortunately, we don’t have an 3-row instrument in our Accordion product range with 10/11/12.

Kind regards,

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