Acoustic guitar identify

Hey there.
I got acoustic guitar, made by Hohner and got it’s serial number. Can I identify country of manufacture and year, please? Thank you
Model: HW300G-TBK
Serial: YU 07 H 31482

Hi Amessiah,

according to the knowledgeable folks at Hohner Service, your guitar was manufactured in Indonesia in 2007,


can you help with Hohner Acoustic 6 string, Transparent wine red, HW300G-TWR?
IF you really want get me out of a bind…what tuning keys came with the original…or what is an equal;?

We would need a serial number. I’m not sure what you mean with “tuning keys” or “equal”, can you be more specific?

the best i can make of it is it begins with a 2 and in the middle there is a 5.
i will try to take some better crisper shots. tuning keys? the 6 on the headstock. my knocked it over and broke the fingering knob off.

i’m trying to just purchase 1 but i may have to buy the whole set so i was trying to find the original that was built onto it or an equal in the after market.

I can ask Hohner Service, but don’t know if they have records of components such as machine heads.

They don’t have any records of these components and suggest you take the guitar to a music shop and ask what they recommend.