Alignment of slide holes and blow holes on chromatic harmonica

Hi, for chromatic harmonicas, I’m wondering if:

(1) it’s typically the case that the holes in the slide do not completely align with the blow holes, and
(2) if that is the case, what is the musical reason for that?

The specific harmonica I’m asking about is the 64 Chromonica. But this pattern that I’m describing seems to be more pervasive, and is seen pretty clearly in the image linked below from another post in this forum, for more than one of the harmonicas in that photo. The holes in the slide end before the corresponding blow holes.

Thanks for any help here.

Hi croz,

the reason is presumably so that the hole in the slide aligns with the mouthpiece whether the slide position is in or out. When in the out position, the hole in the slide is slightly to the left of the hole in the mouthpiece. When you press it in, it’s slightly to the right. This avoids air loss and also keeps slide traverse short.

Hope that helps