Alternate Harmonica Tuning 10-hole Bluesharp

New Alternate Harmonica Tuning:

Layout “Bluesy Tuning” (Kniri Knaus)

C/D/F/A/C/D/F/A/C/Eb blow- chord Dm7-F6-F7

C/E/G/Bb/C/E/G/Bb/D/F draw- chord C7/9-Gm7-Bb

-Eb,Gb-----Eb,Gb–Db,E bendings

Demo-Video: Bb-Harmonica

I found a new spiral tuning for 10-hole harmonica with the blue notes:
Bb,bending Eb and bending Gb, for the C-key harp.
The note C is the same note blow and draw.
Holes 6-10 blow and 5-10 draw are Kniri 221 Tuning.
Holes 1-4 and 5-8 have the same notes (5-8 one octave higher than 1-4)
6 different chords Dm7, F6, F7, C7/9, Gm7 and Bb
Playing like Richter-Tuning low octave (2.Position)
Two and-a-half octaves range.

Easy to play bluesy, jazzy tunes and improvisations !!!

What do you think about?

Bluesy greetings, Kniri

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I’m always glad to see people exploring alternate tunings, though I’m not a big fan of spiral myself. This is interesting, but difficult to make by retuning a standard harp yourself, as you need to lower the pitch of all reeds apart from 1-blow by between two and nine (!) semitones to get the notes specified. How did you make it?

Hi Steve
Thank you for your message!
I did not retune the harp myself. There is a German company (I do not want to promote the name of the company here since I am in the Hohner forum) that has a harp configurator. There you can order your harp in any tuning you want.
I just saw that Hohner has a similar configurator: but there the prices are not as transparent as with the other company.

Hi Kniri,
this is an open public forum for harmonica, accordion and other musical instruments, not a platform for praising Hohner. There is no reason whatsoever not to mention other manufacturers, or to post photos and links where relevant. We created this forum to provide lovers of these instruments with an opportunity to exchange ideas and to promote civilized dialogue, including constructive criticism. As long as posts are on topic and observe the community guidelines stated at the top of the page, all viewpoints are welcome. There are only two German companies which manufacture harmonicas anyway, so there is little point in not naming names.