Anyone is using Suzuki Sirius s 64 chromatic Harmonica & what's your opinion about it.. If any at all

I’ve just purchased this particular Harmonica… As once recommended to me by Mr winslowyerxa many year’s ago…
A very distinguished Harmonica player in my opinion.
Though I previously had a 16 hole Chromatix model from suzuki . I also use diatonic like Manji, Overdrive & Harpmaster. But I am fond of Crossover, Rocket & Thunderbird as well . 3 very awesome instrument indeed!
The Suzuki Sirius s 64 Harmonica is very responsive instrument & required no tweaking at all as brand new instrument out of the box… I am impressed with the quality control & overall performance of this Harmonica. I am not a professional player… But I like to play Harmonica just for fun & I also enjoy viewing Howard Levy free lesson every Sunday on YouTube. My favourite chromatic Harmonica player is Late Franz Chmel, Hugo Diaz, Little Walter & Tom Reilly. In diatonic I can’t give credit to any one person involved in it from Chicago & clarksdale area in particular… Because there were many more acclaimed player’s than that in other state’s of America back in the day’s . I also admire great musician’s like John Mayall & Jeff Beck.
Let me know about your own opinion on Suzuki Sirius s 64 Harmonica. If anyone amongst you are using it.

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