Beatles Harmonica


Hello, anyone out there know which harmonica model was used for the Beatles Harmonica? I’m talking about a Beatlemania item that was sold in 1964, and not a harp they played. Thank-you in advance. Paul


I think they used Marine Band Harmonica. Check on this pics


Hey Paul the Beatles harmonica based on the original Blues Harp (the pre MS model).


Thank-you Richard ! I somewhat thought perhaps it was since I had seen pictures of an old Blues Harp with what appeared to be the same covers as the Beatles. I wonder why they didn’t put the model name (it has just the Hohner logo, name and made in Germany) on the harmonica?


You mean the name Blues Harp? Well the name Blues Harps hasn’t been used for this model in order to distinguish this particular signature model from the regular one.


I wonder if John started on the Hohner Echo Super Vamper. My A Marine Band crapped out while I was hitchhiking in England in1968 or 1969 and I went into a music store to have it replaced. The guy in the store had never heard of a Marine Band. I showed him mine and he said, "Oh, That looks like a Hohner “Echo Super Vamper”. Sure enough, he got me an Echo Super Vamper in A and it was exactly like a Marine Band, except for the cover plate. I still have that harp.
I wonder if that’s what John used. Do they still make this harp?


Hi. Here’s a pair of Super Vampers bought from a small music shop near the clock tower in Queens Road Brighton England in 1965. They are a bit worn but both play well. I loved that great solo in “Love me Do”. Great days.


The Marine Band was so named in honor of John Philip Sousa, leader of the US Marine Band and a great proponent of the harmonica as well as a famous march music composer. The term didn’t mean much to people in Britain, though, so Hohner renamed this model Echo Super Vamper for the UK market. Inside it’s identical to a Marine Band, but with different cover embossings. It’s virtually certain that John Lennon will have played the Echo Super Vamper, as that was what you found in British music stores in the 1960s. I bought my first one in Brixton, London in 1969 and played them until I relocated to Germany, where they weren’t available, so I switched to Marine Band.