Bend Notes (Portuguese)

Hello friends, how are you? All right?
Here is Marcelo Naves, Harmonica Player and Hohner endorsee here in Brazil.
Here are some of my videos, where I teach a little about the Diatonic Harmonica techniques for beginners, the videos are in Portuguese. Hope you like it. Big hug

How to do the bend:Como fazer Bend na Gaita!? @ Dicas de Gaita - YouTube


Hey Marcelo, I don’t understand Portuguese but I definitely like your Tattoo on your right forearm :wink:

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Thanks my friend! I will try to type in English haha! Good hear u ma friend


Great @MarceloNaves :sunglasses::metal:

I almost swallow my tongue practicing the bends… a never ending practice routine.

Try to close your throat and slightly increase your breathing, without exerting force with your mouth or tongue! I like what I call a guide vowel, where you try to reproduce the vowel U to repeat this movement in the throat at the moment of the Bend.

You may want to check out these YT videos I posted as an introduction to this topic:

Hope they help