Books for Harp lovers?


What good books about Harmonica, blues, history and all that connected can you recommend?
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There aren’t many books about harmonica history. If you can find it, “Harmonicas, Harps and Heavy Breathers” by Kim Field is great (look on Ebay maybe). My book “The Harp Handbook” may also be of interest:

#3 instructor Blue Barry Faust His harmonica super tutor is a great app!


Thank you, Steve, will check it!


Marina, The two books Steve Baker recommended are really worth buying.

Another excellent history of the harmonica, in Australia, is a book by Ray Grieve from 1995 called “A Band in a Waistcoat Pocket”. It is very well written and researched and there was a CD of very early recordings of solo and harmonica bands released with the book. There are lots of photos and if you love the harmonica and its early days, you will find this book really interesting, wherever you are in the world. The book is in English.
I’ve got a feeling Larry Adler was at the book launch in Sydney when it was realeased… but that was a long time ago now!


The is a lovely book (no educational book) about Jazz from the Taschen-Verlag.

Take a jazz trip like no other with William Claxton ’s legendary photographic journey across the concert halls, side streets, and big bands of 1960s America. From coast to coast, Claxton’s tribute is a living, breathing, beating picture of the genre that enraptured America across social, economic, and racial lines.

This book is not specific to blues, as the title suggests, but blues is also mentioned as a theme there.