Chart for Minor scale playing 2nd position

Does anyone have a chart for playing blues when the song is in a minor? I have all 12 major harmonicas but will buy some minor tuned to get the most perfect match if that’s what it takes… Does anyone have this music knowledge?
I play by ear but can understand basic music theory.

There are numerous charts showing the so-called “positions” on the diatonic harp. These follow the circle of fifths: C harp 1st position is in C, 2nd position is in G (blues), 3rd position is in D minor dorian (good for minor blues), 4th position is A minor natural, 5th position is Em phrygian (also good for minor blues). If you are set on playing minor blues in 2nd position, however, you have two fundamental choices:

Either play a standard harp and always play 3-draw bent down one semitone (B > Bb on a C harp to play in Gm), or take a harp in Natural Minor tuning. This is by far the easiest way to play minor key tunes in 2nd position. I sometimes use 3rd, 4th or 5th position on a standard harp, but will generally go for the minor tuning. If you don’t hit the 3-draw bend on standard tuning accurately, you’re in danger of playing a major 3rd (B) over a G minor chord. This doesn’t sound good. Natural Minor tuning eliminates this pitfall.

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Thanks so much for your support. I also gained much from your related tutorials.

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