Chromatic cx12 new to me

can’t find info on the CX12. Received as Christmas gift, enjoy it but would like to learn more on technique

What kind of info are you looking for? In terms of tonal layout and playing techniques, the CX-12 is no different from any other 12 hole chromatic. The unique design means that it’s louder and has a slightly different sound than traditional chromatics, and the larger mouthpiece may be unfamiliar to players of such models, but these differences don’t affect how you play it. There are a number of Youtube videos to help you learn chromatic, from beginners to advanced, also depending on what styles of music you want to play. I googled “Learn to play chromatic harmonica” and found quite a few. So good luck, I hope you enjoy playing your CX-12!

Thanks for the reply. I can’t seem to to get the CX12 apart. It appears quite simple but is alluding me. After removing the Slide I’m lost. I don’t want to put excess pressure to release the spring; is there a step I’m missing? Richard;

Received helpful reply from KHS America. All is good.

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I’m having difficulty with holes 9-12. Is there a technique I need to know or is it simply practice, practice, practice?

Those notes are extremely high pitched and it can be more difficult to make them sound properly, as the reeds are stiffer than lower pitched ones. Try reducing the size of the space inside your mouth and remember to breathe from the diaphragm. Force is not necessary. And of course you’re right, practice, practice, practice :wink:

Is there FREE sheet music for Taps available somewhere on the internet?

Harp Tabs:

Sheet Music: Taps trumpet music for piano, free sheet music. This is an easy but full-sounding arrangement of the military tap… | Trumpet music, Sheet music, Trumpet sheet music

Good luck

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