Chrometta 14 newbie

Hi, I have purchased a new Chrometta 14, just waiting for it to be delivered, and wondered if anyone has any comments to make about it.

Thanks in advance.



The Chrometta 14 is a 3-1/2 octave harmonica. The C scale starts on hole 3. so the extra notes, or half octave added on to the standard 12 hole chromatic are at the bottom end of the scale. The range of notes, G3-D7, is the same as a violin. The only other 14 hole chromatic that Hohner make is the Meisterklasse chromatic.

These are good harmonicas to start off with. They are at the cheaper end of the scale of buying chromatics. But they have good brass reeds, reed plates and valves - the same as other Hohner harmonicas.

Good luck with it!

Reed plates (material, thickness): brass, 1.05 mm
Reed plates (surface): brass
Reeds (number, material): 56, brass
Comb (material, color): ABS, black
Comb (finish): ABS, glossy
Mouthpiece (surface): ABS, glossy
Cover plates: stainless steel
Slide construction: zigzag
Keys: C
Type: chromatic
Tuning: solo tuning
Number of holes: 14
Tonal range: 3 1/2 octaves, G3 – D7
Length: 19 cm / 7.5"
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Thanks Tony. I had all the info, it was personal experience I was after :+1:

Anyway, it has arrived and does appear to be really good.

Chromatics I have so far are a cheap Kaine which has no valves which makes it tough but not impossible to play, a used 64 Chromonica and a used Super 64 both of which have or had issues with reeds and valves. So I decided to buy new and it does make a difference :grinning:

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 Hi, Tony Peri. I'm Liu Mengchen, I am a middle school student who come from China. As you can see, my English speaking is not very well, but I think harmonica is an interesting intstrument. I hope to play it well. I have purchased a new ACE 48,but the Chanese harmonica cuiture is not profound .So,may you help me with my harmonica learning? And of course,I thick it is a good way to inprove my English. Thank you !
 Have a good day!                                                           
                                                                                                                           Liu Mengchen

Hi Liu,
The ACE48 is a really good choice. There are many good instructors out there. If you can access them from China, try the Hohner Youtube channel for some ideas. Otherwise, the best way to learn is to buy some good recordings and listen to the music. If you do not know who to listen to, tell us the type of music you like, and people can recommend some good artists and recordings to try.

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Thanks, Tony.
That’s a good idea. I’m so happy to see your reply. It’s my first time to write something on a foreign website .Sience four month before, coronavirus outbreak in China, so we can’t go outside. Although the quarantine is kind of boring, I learn some new things about harmonica. I found a new Youtube in our country which name is Ten Hole Net. There are lot of knowlage of the chormatic harmonica. My technique has improved. In addition, Do you have a Wechat? You can add me on it. My Wechat number is warmly1816. It’s easy for us to chat on it. I’m looking foeward to your reply. Wish you good health!

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