Chromonica 280 c..Why Hohner upgraded 16 holes Chromatic Harmonica Models? Do not Sound like their Chromonica 280 c.. Isn't it most obvious

Why was the upgrade Necessary in to Super 64 and later on Super 64 X with Acrylic Comb and now Performance? I am satisfied with the demeanor of Chromonica 280 c… I am getting brand new offer of Hohner Super 64 for 200 Euros… But is it of any worth or their Larry Adler 16 hole Chromatic model? :joy: But pardon me that’s in my own opinion… I am less Fanciful like others around…But not Typical either… I assume it’s all about business trend… After all Hohner had to compete with Seydel Symphony Steel Chromatic & Seydel are far too expensive for no apparent reason applied… I only own one fancy Chromatic Harmonica and that is Hohner Meisterklasse 7565 in 14 holes… The sound is much too sterile for my ears unlike what I enjoy on Chromonica 280 c and yes of course Suzuki Chromatix in 16 holes range isn’t inferior either… Only the Bronze Phosphor reeds sound different… But it is also sterile… Sterility means to me that what you can’t do like late Hugo Díaz could reproduce on his Chromatic till this very day… I have not heard anyone else doing that as yet… Even with their most Modern and latest Chromatic harmonicas in full octave as 16 holes…They can’t come any close to Hugo Diaz or even Carey Bell… You know what I mean or not as yet :rofl:
I was just inquisitive about all the Fancy Chromatic Harmonica Connoisseurs down here who are most of the time stressing more on what is latest in the Market and happening in on Media propaganda ministration & Advertisements related to it… That might be the ultimate saviour… Are there any Ultimate 16 hole full octave Chromatic Harmonicas in your opinion? If so then please Inform me as soon as possible… Then I might also investigate… Beside Psardo Elite, Hohner Super 64 X Performance, Seydel Symphony, Suzuki Fabulous & Etc… Space age Chromatic harmonica with Titanium, Platinum and Carbon fiber involved perhaps other than Brass, Silver and Gold… Same like those blatant Buggers getting another new Smartphone syndrome… Anyway Have a good time with your utter amusement & also enjoy your Gimmicks If you will… For example waving ones National Flag is one of the cheapest Gimmicks in my perspective & decent upbringing I wasn’t indoctrinated into… But I am keeping this Subject strictly to Harmonica minus Political, Patriotic and Religious Rubbish…

You should check out the new Super64X. It’s best feature are the double thickness reed plates, which run the whole length of the scale. This makes for a superior tone, especially on the top octave. The mouth piece slide is also new. It’s a fantastic 16 hole chromatic harmonica.
As for Hugo Diaz and Carey Bell - all great players will play and sound great on any Hohner chromatic. But look also at what mics and amplified sound they have. A bit of reverb etc can transform a harmonica.
I’ve heard the new Hohner Harp Blaster is excellent. It would work with your chromatic setups too. Good luck with whatever you choose. It’s all your choice to make your own sound. :slight_smile:


Hi, there I have already Checked out Hohner Super 64 X… It’s a pleasant sounding full Octave Chromatic Indeed! But I chose Suzuki Chromatix over it due to my own aesthetic of Audio and taste… Then Winslow Yerxa also recommended me to purchase the Sirius Model…Who doesnt know Winslow as who he is in the world of Harmonica and Musical capabilities… But due to some credit card problem I couldn’t lay my hand on their Sirius Chromatic in 16 Hole… Hohner and Seydel Produce very decent sounding Harmonicas as well and I have no doubt about it at all but Suzukis research, development, Price and manufacturing quality is far better than some other Harmonica companies according to my own experience. Its like I would rather prefer a Toyota Lexus over 8 Cylinder Mercedes Benz… Least to forget how the Japanese gave us those affordable Toys back in the early 1980s and onwards from Casio to Yamaha… That was in my case…The Reverb part on Harmonica and proper adjustment according to one personal preference plays great role in the Sound projection of Harmonica that you have spoken true… But I will tell you that I am a residence of Germany for over 20 years now and German Products do not turn me on or their so called European union under the NATO Mafia Policy… Politically speaking & its not in my own opinion… The average Income GERMANS are fed up of their own Political Theatricals… When I began my life in Germany I was earning very well in Deutsch Mark that was their original Currency…I do not want to discuss the details of how Old german Pensioners stand in front of the Soup Kitchen & Collect Recycling cans and plastic bottles from the trash can to make the ends meet… Because Pension isn’t good enough… Germany isn’t a wealthy nation to tell you the fact…It was when their own currency existed…
Thank you for wishing me good luck and to my knowledge I did not have any Idea about Hohner Master Blaster… I know their Hoodoo as Amplispeaker… If I were ever to set up my own amplifier or Amplispeaker through a standard quality Microphone…I would prefer the same set up like Adam Gussow & Juzzie Smith… If you are Australian… I have a very good friend from Byron Bay… He stays at me while visiting Hamburg… His son lives here… I love Peavey and Vox Amplispeakers by the way and of course their valved ones are damn expensive and the vintage are hard to find and not at all… But according to my taste these both Brands are suitable for my Harmonica tinkering and a good quality Sennheiser or Beyerdynamic Microphone will do the hustling for the sake of Jive… I am not a big Hulk… So it’s difficult for me to cup hold a Bullet Microphone or even those Stick like Mic… Cumbersome to my physical ability… I prefer small and concealed Microphones… I am a small human in physical terms a Mini Cooper in average 5 feet and some inches in height…But not a Dwarf or a Gnome either… I like to hold discussions on Harmonica and opinions of various persons… It helps me to improve my Ignorance and naivety into improvised taste for betterments of my own playability… Thanking You once again for sharing your point of Views and Experience… I will be looking Forward to hear some more of your taste in Harmonica as Music…
With Regards
Roy :slightly_smiling_face: