Classical Guitar

I have been asked to hold a Hohner Classical Guitar for a friend who told me to “Play it like it’s mine.”
I’m looking for some information as to it’s year of manufacture, value etc…
It’s handmade in Germany, model number HC 96, but I can’t find a serial number anywhere. There was a small ziplock bag with a bridge saddle inside and a certificate of authenticity on which was written: “Fur die Dauer von einem Jahrwerden alle Mängel, die auf Material-oder Konstruktionsfehler zurilckzüfuhren sind, kostenlos Inunseren Werk behoben Verkaufsdatum.”
Karl Höfner

Using Google Translate I got "For a period of one year, all defects that can be traced back to material or construction errors will be remedied free of charge in our factory sale date.
Karl Hofner

In all the research I’ve done, I can’t even find the HC 96 listed as a Hohner product.
Can anyone offer me any guidance or answers?

Thank you!

The reason you won’t find this guitar listed as a Hohner product is presumably because it isn’t one. The well known German guitar manufacturer Höfner has nothing to do with the well known German harmonica manufacturer Hohner :sweat_smile:

Thanks. I’m still not finding any information on that particular model.

Maybe try the Höfner website: