Cleaning my Harp's?

Do I Clean my crossover The same as the others and how do I Clean?

Hi @Michael-5
Take a look at these videos:
It’s explained with chromatics, but the same applies to diatonics.

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Ok , my harp mentor John (lil John) christly thought me to boil water, dunk the harp in the hot then dunk in cold 3-4 times. I’ve been doing that for awhile is this bad and I herd some blues pros soak them in water days before preforming?

Hello guys!
If your harp has a wooden comb, soaking in water will just make it swell!
Plactic ones you can just rinse under warm tab water. The best solution is to buy a sonic cleaner, you can get then cheap.
I use mostly special 20`s, so cleaning is easy…just dry them well after!

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This is a bad idea. The wooden comb will swell when wet. In theory this may make it more airtight. But when it dries, the wood will crack and leak even worse. Plus your instrument will start to rust.
Moisture (including saliva) is the thing that is not good for harmonicas.
Keep it simple. Have a clean mouth - so nothing gets into your harmonica; Clean hands - as you are putting the instrument in your mouth. When done playing, you can wipe down the cover plates and let it air dry.
You do not really need to do much more than that.
The sonic cleaners work also, but again, you need to carefully dry all the parts and reassemble, without bending reeds etc whilst handling the instrument with cover plates off.
The soaking idea is a myth. No professional does it except for show.


Hello friend, your question is very good, especially in times when we have to be more careful with our personal hygiene, and with our musical instrument as well.

I made a video recently, where I show the care that I believe is important with our Harmonica. The video is in Portuguese, but I believe you can see and understand the step by step of what I do.

I show a cleaning without opening the Harmonica, daily cleaning, and care like oral hygiene before touching the harmonica and correct storage of the instrument, as all of this counts in the final result.

This is the video link:


Marcelo Naves - Brazil / SP

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