Daily care of the Chromonica


I couldn’t resist it, and ordered myself a new Super Chromonica. (Hope it arrives before Christmas!)

How do I care for it on a daily basis? Should I tap it out in my palm as I do with the diatonic? I’ve found some information online, including Hohner and Steve Baker’s excellent maintenance videos. But I can’t seem to find good information on daily care.


Hi Joakim,
many thanks for your request. Nice to read that you have ordered a new Super Chromonica 48. We are sure you will have a lot of fun with this great, responsive and stable harmonica.
When playing it every day you should follow the following simple instructions which will ensure that your new instrument will last very long:

always ensure that you harmonica is at body temperature before playing. You can warm it in your hands, or by breathing gently into the channel openings
play it in gently for a few minutes over the entire range of both blow and draw notes and avoid stressing the reeds by playing loudly or bending heavily at an early sage.
playing will cause moistrue to condense in your harmonica. Always tap the channel openings out into your palm in a donwward direction afterwards and allow the Instrument to dry before replacing it in its case.
avoid playing immediately after eating. Rinse your mouth out with water or brush your teeth before playing. this prevents food particles becoming lodged inside the harmonica and blocking the reeds.
avoid drinking beverages containing sugar when playing, as this can cause the reeds and especially the valves to stick.
do not attempt to use any kind of lubricant to reduce friction with your lips. This can get inside the harmonica and cause reeds or valves to stick. Saliva is the only lubricant necessary.

When following this simple instructions your instrument will sound and play wonderful when ever you are playing it.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful, healthy and peaceful Happy New Year!

Gerhard Mueller


Thank you for your reply, Gerhard. I will make sure to take good care of it. Happy Christmas :slight_smile: