Dating M. Horner Echo harmonica

I have read some posts about dating M. Hohner harmonicas using the 6 sided star. The question asked was when did its use discontinue?
I have my grandfathers Echo, it has the 6 sided star within the circle, in addition there is an award engraved the reads “grad prix Paris 1937. There was speculation that the 6 sided star was discontinued around 1937. Mine establishes that some were made in 1937 with the star.

Voici un lien utile pour vos recherches :How has the Hohner Marine Band changed over the years?

Hi Brad
There are differing opinions on the dating of the 6 pointed star. It was popularly assumed that its use was discontinued during the Nazi era due to the similarity to the Star of David, and the presence of this symbol is often thought to be an indication of a pre-war harmonica. However, German Harmonica Museum director Martin Häffner has told me that his research indicates the die stamps were altered post-WW2. Your instrument certainly shows it was still in use after 1937. The link Denis has posted above is to Pat Missin’s extremely informative site, but the evidence regarding dates seems to be inconclusive.