Echo Celeste Harmonica note chart in key of D

Hi everyone. I have an Echo Celeste in key of D, but nowhere can I find a note layout for it. The main Hohner website and catalogue doesn’t even seem to admit making the model. Can anyone tell me where I might find it.

I’m Ok with my other Hohner models but Celeste has been a total blank for information.

I found a layout for a Celeste in C but is it possible to extrapolate from that ?


Mick5, Yes you can certainly extrapolate from the C tuning. But to make it simple for you, here it is…

blow D F# A D D F# A D D F# A D
draw e g b c# e g b c# e g b c#

BTW: One of the modifications that some players are asking me to do is to lower the 3rd hole draw note a whole step. This modification produces the dominant 7th chord in the lower 4 holes.

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Thanks so much George.

I’ll study your reply and see if I can work out what you’ve done. I’m pretty new to the harmonica and am trying to get used to all the tunings. The solo tuning of the Celeste and the Asian layout of the Suzuki I have are a step into the unknown !

Thanks so much anyway. Stay safe in these strangest of times.

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