Finding information for SE 35


I’ve recently stumbled across a SE 35 and could not resist to buy it (for a fair price):

Can anybody provide additional information like date and place of manufacturing? This is the serial number:

Any help is greatly appreciated. :heart:

Hi Thorwin,
I can’t read the number from your photo, could you perhaps write it into your message?
This model was built in S. Korea from 1990 onwards, here the specs:

hollow body with tone block and f-holes; 22 nickel silver frets glued in
Philip mahogany; top, back and sides: plywood maple; neck with Indian
rosewood fingerboard; colours: burgandy, white, natural, black(?),
tobacco sunburst; semi acoustic; 2 HP humbucker GH-4; 3-way toggle
switch; vol/vol/tone/tone; chrome/gold hardware; graphite nut;
Standard L-bridge; USA-Wings strings

Hi Steve,

thanks for the information. As far as I can see, the serial is 9000949 (or maybe 9000242). I’d assume it’s build in 1990, but I’m not sure of course…

And here is a picture of the beauty

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The first two digits in the serial number often denote the year the guitar was built, so your assumption is probably correct. I’ll check with Hohner Service.

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Nice looking guitar. Hohner Service confirms it was built in S. Korea in 1990.

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Thanks a lot :+1:

Now I need to replace the whole electric as it is mainly broken.

Well, it is 34 years old. A lot of Hohner guitars from that period offer really good value for money, they were made in the same factory as Warwick and a number of other high quality mid-price brands and have lasted very well. Hope you can get it fixed up, I’m sure it’ll be great.

Yeah, thanks. Even with the costs for fixing that stuff it’s still very good value for money. Both pickups and the toggle switch are functional so I was able to do some sound tests. And they were very promising!

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