G04 Acoustic Guitar

Hi there,
This is my first post and I’m wondering whether anyone can provide any info on the Hohner G04 acoustic.
Thanks in advance for any assistance

Hi Gord,
if you post the serial number I will try to find out place and year of manufacture. I can’t find a G04 model in my list, but there’s an HG04 which was built in the early 1980s. Could that be the one?

Hi Steve,
Thanks for your response.
Inside the sound hole there are actually 2 numbers. One number 06924 is stamped on the back beside the word “Japan” and a second number 032701 is stamped on the end of the neck. Also on the back is stamped “Hand Crafted Hohner International” and G-04.
I’ve seen the HG 04s as well but they are slightly different, most noticeably the pick guard shape.
Anyway any help greatly appreciated!

The serial number is 06924. The other number is some kind of production number.

The HG-04 and the G-04 are the same model but they did change quite considerably over the period they were produced, even within the HG-04 designation. Changes include the headstock shape, the headstock logo, the bridge (adjustable or not) and the pickguard (different shapes or none at all).

It’s unclear why the H was dropped from some model names but the ones without the H are definitely later. Yours is probably 1981 based on similar serial/production numbers.

The woods are spruce laminate top, rosewood laminate back and sides, mahagony neck, rosewood fingerboard and bridge.

Much appreciated! Over 40 years old and still perfect!!

Thanks Phil, you’re a mine of information. I’ve asked Hohner Service to check the production date but assume you’re right.