Help identify the harmonica by year of manufacture

I welcome everyone! I bought it the other day at an auction, it is without factory packaging. Help us understand the year of production and for what purposes this model was conceived. Hugging everyone!

Hi Nikita,
for us to be able to help you, you will need to provide some information about your instrument. A photo would help,

Thank you Steve for taking the time to answer my question. Uploaded a photo, couldn’t immediately attach a photo when creating a theme

Hi Nikita,
this is pretty old, but I can’t find the model “Schatjes” on my list of Hohner harmonicas. Does it have a single or a double row of channel openings? If it’s a double row then this is presumably a model based on the Echo series of tremolo harmonicas. I’ll ask museum director Martin Häffner if he’s familiar with it.

Hi, Steve, thank you for the information you found and voiced to me. It is very interesting to know the opinion of Martin Heffner. And I have one more question, is it worth restoring this harmonicas? Or leave it as it is?

Hi Nikita,
Martin looked up the Schatjes in his records. He says it appears to be one of a range of export models for different countries, which were basically the same but had different names in the various local languages. Schatjes is Dutch. These series were manufactured over a 30+ year period from 1929 to 1952.
He is of the opinion it would be an octave tuned model similar to the Unsere Lieblinge, rather than a tremolo tuned instrument. Maybe you can check this out by playing it to hear if two notes an octave apart sound in each channel.
The financial value is likely to be fairly low unless you can interest a collector. Restoring old harmonicas is possible, but may not be worthwhile as it looks as though you would need a new comb, which would look different from the original. I’d leave as is,

Hi Steve, everything you said is good news. I’m thinking about how I’ll have time for a day off, I’ll try to go to a relative, he’s a musician, we’ll try to determine using the equipment how many octaves there are in it. I will keep this good thing for myself, disassemble it completely, inspect it, the comb will remain the same during restoration, align the pads (I will be very gentle), try to restore the chips in the holes and tint. I am immensely glad, thank you one million times!

You’re welcome, good luck!