Help Identifying/Dating and Value of my Dad’s Echo Harp

My dad recently passed away and going through his things he has what looks to be an older Horner echo harp and I’m just trying to determine the information about it. Any help or interest would be greatly appreciated.

Other pictures

I wish I could be helpful regarding dating this harmonica, but I had to comment on this lovely old piece. I recently got one, new old stock, from a local music store in a pair of keys no longer offered, and in the smaller size, the 2X32 format. It’s a wonderful, fun instrument with an old-fashioned look and feel and a very “wet” tremolo effect. If you don’t already play harmonica, this one could fun to start on; it’s pretty forgiving I don’t know history and value, but there’s a very knowledgeable fellow at the Slidemeister Forum named John Broecker, who knows quite a lot of harmonica history. He could be helpful, but, it’s a chromatic site so be sure and ask your question at the diatonic forum. Also, the Folk Harmonica Forum will have people that actually own and play this harp. Ask for Rex or Sarge. Good luck.

Thank you for your information and help!

You may want to try sending the top photo (with the instructional booklet) to Martin Häffner at the German Harmonica Museum in Trossingen. His email is

Assuming your dad bought both around the same time, that should provide a frame of reference. The cover plates of the Marine Band harmonica shown on the front of the booklet have the old style “mouse ear” lugs which were phased out a long time ago, so I guess it will be pretty old.

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