Help me date my 12 string

Hi, I bought a wonderful playing, Korean made Hohner HGK-512 and since I couldnt find anything about the serial number I thougth i’d ask here. Serial number is 324087. Hope you can help me figure a couple things about the guitar.
Many thanks.

Hello Alex. Thanks for your post. Your guitar with the serial number 324087 was manufactured in 1993. This is all information I have, unfortunately. There are some gaps in our archive. Thanks for your understanding. Kristin

Hello Kristin, thank you for your quick reply but I truly believe the information you gave are wrong. The man who sold it to me bought it in 78-79. Since all the information i could find match almost perfectly my guitar I thought you could help figure exactly what year it was manufactured in. Other 78 models do not have the black and white backstrip, therefore i was wondering if it either made in 77 or 79-80. I understand there is information missing in your archives, probably the reason why the manufacture date is of by 15 years.
Thanks again.