Help with a lp copy signature guitar

I got this beautiful lp copy at a pawn shop for a great price and absolutely love the guitar but am having lots of trouble finding info about it like who’s signature series this is and is it American made or not not that that matters but also any known info would be much appreciated the serial number is
882826 I will attach a pic of the truss rod cover with the signature

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Is there any identifying logo which shows it’s a Hohner guitar? Your photo doesn’t really help to establish its provenance.

It’s a Korean made LP copy from late 'eighties, unsure of the Series TBH, some feel a tiny bit shorter. Select few sport very nice woods, old maple and rosewood, and score high as vintage but usually the electrics would need replacing to release that hidden magic tone!

The diamond inlay and truss rod cover look like an L75 - probably late 80s Korean as somebody else said. I’m not aware of there ever being a signature series version.