Help with LP copy info please

Hi everyone, newbie here. I’m hoping someone can give me some idea what model this is and how old it is. I can’t find a serial number anywhere on it, unless it’s somewhere hidden, it has a plain neck bolt plate. I get the feel from it that it’s from the 1980s but the pickups say later, but they could have been changed at some point. I’m hoping that someone can date it from the dot inlays and the headstock logo and shape. It plays beautifully btw.

Thanks in advance.

Ian aka Mateybass

Here are some more pics. Hopefully someone can give me a ballpark age by the Hohner logo and the tuners. Note, there is nothing but bucklerash on the neck bolt plate, no name or serial number. Could this have been a preproduction Arbor model if such a thing exists? Any thoughts much appreciated.

It looks like a Hohner Arbor series Les Paul style! Mine has similar headstock with laminate body with back having comfort scalloping (like a Strat) and bolt on neck with volute and neck plate with a tree and serial number. They were made in the 80’s, at least mine was. I upgraded the pickups!

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