Help with serial number please

Hi there, I’ve just bought a lovely Abor Series Stratocaster with serial number E705706
I’d like to find out more about the guitar please - what year it was made (I’m assuming 1970?), where it was made, and neck/fretboard/body material?
Thanks so much in advance

Hi Perry, sorry about the delay in replying to your query. As guitar production at Hohner was discontinued some time ago, there is currently no product manager to address your question. However, Hohner wasn’t making electric guitars in 1970, to the best of my knowledge the Fender style instruments were introduced in the mid-1980s. Here is a link to a PDF file with all available info on historical Hohner guitar models, but unfortunately it doesn’t list serial numbers. I hope this will help you find what you’re looking for: Guitars

Hi Steve

Thanks very much for getting back to me, much appreciated. and thanks for guitar list!
It doesn’t seem to have the arbor electric series listed though?

Also I guessed 1970, as in the below forum post, it seemed like Hohner was making the Arbor series in Japan?

Are you able to shed any more light?
Thanks again for your help!

Hi Perry,

I suspect the 1970s date is speculation. I know for a fact that the Hamburg guitar shop No.1 took on Hohner guitar product management in the mid 1980s and arranged for the manufacture of the whole range of electric guitars in S. Korea. At that time they also got Ned Steinberger to license his headless design and pitch shift tremolo arm to Hohner (B2 bass & others). Some of the guitars from the 1980s and 90s were very good, which is why they’re still traded and played.

I have asked for a definitive list of serial numbers and will respond as and when I receive it,

Of course it’s conceivable that prior to No.1 taking on guitar product management, Hohner was having guitars built in Japan, but we have been unable to find properly documented production records.

Thanks very much for your feedback @SteveBaker
And yes look forward to more information:)

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