Hohner 12 string

Can anyone tell me what year my guitar was made. sn 170135.

Why can I not get any replies on my questions. I feel kind of hopeless on this site. It seems there is no interest.

Hey, sorry to say but I got about six hits on the HG-240 but sadly they were all yours. There’s a Hohner guitar group on Facebook. I don’t know if you go on Facebook but if you do you can look up the group but if you go on Facebook you probably know that there is one. That being said if you aren’t on Facebook you should join it just to look at that group. If you are on that group and Facebook let me know if you posted any pictures of the hg-240 especially the label. I’ve looked at the acoustic guitar archives and number 240 following HG is just not there which is kind of strange. Email me at pacrocitto@gmail.com
Send photos if you can. Look most likely won’t be able to find anything further for you but I might see something on the guitar cover some kind of marking or something on the label that might give me a hint of where else to search. Good luck let me know

Hohner doesn’t have a full time staff member waiting to answer questions, so it can take a while before I have time to read them. I’ll pass your query on to Hohner Service, but it may help if you state which model you’re talking about.

I answered your query on your other post about this guitar. Built in Japan, probably in 1981.

Thank again for this valuable information.