Hohner acoustic g11m?

Made in Japan, not sure about manufacture year or materials used for it. Love this guitar, plays awesome. I think it has Hohner indented on the back of the headstock but can’t tell what it says as it’s mostly worn away.

Found some information online, most people are saying 1970s but I’m guessing maybe since what I think the serial number is: 806052, 13880(not sure about this number), maybe 1980? Either way I’m mostly curious about the materials. If you guys have any information it would be greatly appreciated!

According to the Service Dept., Hohner guitars were manufactured in Japan between 1978 and 1985. They don’t have any further information, but this suggests 1980 would certainly be plausible. Sorry we can’t provide more details!

The serial number is 13880. The number on the neck block is some kind of production number. The neck block numbers do sometimes repeat so can’t be serial numbers, maybe a factory batch number? Very hard to date unless they have a date stamp on them, which tends to only be the ones with paper labels and then not consistently. Most of them were made around 1978-1982. The Hohner stamp on the back of the headstock is not unique but still very unusual.

Materials are basically mahogany - mahogany laminate top, back and sides, mahogany bridge, neck and fingerboard.

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Thanks for the information :metal: