Hohner acoustic guitars saved from the scrapheap

Hi, I have two Hohner acoustic guitars that I rescued from certain death. One is a HW400N (see photo) and the other is a HW-300 (also see photo), which has a solid mahogany top. The HW400 was in a terrible state with the fretboard having been badly rubbed down and a blotchy colour. The headstock tuners were scratchy and loose. The soundboard was badly marked and there was chips and marks here, there, even everywhere, as was the action. The HW-300 mahogany was better but hadn’t been cleaned or cared for in years. Does anybody have any info on this lovely mahogany gem it has serial number 9703003197 and was made in Indonesia. It also is an electro acoustic and is fitted with with an Akkord SP-20 bridge saddle pick up. Was this factory fitted? They are both lovely guitars that play great. Any info appreciated. Stay safe😁

Hi Nice guitars, they look lovely. Is that a fake stick on inlay on the fretboard, it looks great. Sorry can’t help with the mahogany one but I’m sure Kristen or someone else can

Hi Danny.

Thanks for the reply. Yes it is just a foil “inlay” I had to do it as the fretboard was so poor, plus it looks good. Hopefully Kristen can give me some info. :+1:

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