Hohner Affiliated Customizer Program (HAC) #3


Who are the HOHNER Affiliated Customizers?
At the time of writing, the exclusive group of top level customizers certified by Joe Filisko http://www.filisko.com/ encompasses only 6 members worldwide:

Thomas Hanke (D), hankeharmonicas.com

Neil Graham (AUS), neilgraham.com.au

Joe Spiers (USA), spiersharmonicas.com

Andrew Zajac (CAN), http://harp.andrewzajac.ca/MyHarps

Joel Andersson (SWE), http://jaharmonicas.com/

Richard Sleigh (USA), https://hotrodharmonicas.com/

Interested players can contact all HACs through their websites.

The HOHNER brand and the company’s range of renowned harmonicas have long been associated with the world’s greatest players. The HOHNER Marine Band is the original blues harp, heard on almost all of the classic blues harmonica recordings from the 1920s to the 1960s and it is still the best-loved model among traditional blues players today. Harmonica customizers all over the world choose Hohner instruments as the starting point for their work, because their precision engineered brass reeds and reed plates create a unique timbre which has often been imitated but never equalled. They are the heart of the harmonica and the secret of the HOHNER sound. Now the HACs are making these iconic instruments even better!


Thank you kindly for making folks more aware of this option available to them! JF


It’s a pretty impressive list of craftsmen. I would really like to raise the profile of the HAC concept, because it’s unique in offering a certified guarantee of excellence :ok_hand: