Hohner Arbor Series Stratocaster Series SE601


Can you tell me about this Hohner Arbor Series Stratocaster (SE601) that I recently purchased. Serial Number: E708***. Can you tell me where it was made? I understand that it’s from 1988, which makes the instrument 34 years old. The headstock is similar to the recognizable Fender Stratocaster.
I must say that it plays beautifully, the tonal range and feel is as good as my Mexican Fender Stratocaster. The pickups are really powerful and have a distinctive warm voice.

Hi, nice guitar, they play and sound quite good and would be even better with upgrades (pick ups, pots &; tuners. The body is laminated (plywood) I like mine.

That’s awesome! You have a tobacco sunburst SE601 too. Is it rare to find them with the original parts - pickups; tuners; pots etc. or did/do most owners tend to swap them out?

Were these guitars built in Japan or Korea?

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