Hohner Arbour Series Strat Build Info

Hi Kristin

I have 2 Hohner Strats, one is a gorgeous metallic pink MX, I have no idea what the serial number is, but I know that one is 80’s from when I owned a new one. I have a second from the Arbour series that I’d l;ike some help with though please.its cream, but may be a refinish, it has a true Fender style headstock with Hohner Arbour Series on it, a rosewood fingerboard and a skunkstripe down the back of the neck with Hohner Arbour series stamped on the neckplate with a serial number of E710457. Any info you can give me would be great. Many THanks. Stuart

Hello, Stuart,
Unfortunately, this information doesn’t tell me enough to help. However, there were many special editions at Hohner in the 80’s and 90’s which I don’t know all by far. Have you already looked for more information at our list on the web page?