Hohner B2A bass serial number dating

Hi , love my B2A and was wondering what year it was made, can anyone help ? I do have a serial number 8609961 and maybe another 1 at the end ? ? I have read some had EMG pickups were installed on some ,would they be on mine ? Cheers …

Hi, according to the serial number your HOHNER B2A was produced in 1986. On that time HOHNER used 2 Select “designed by EMG” bass humbucker. To be sure, you can send a picture to the E-Mail hereunder:

Hello, nice site. I have a B2A bass with serial number 06042335. Any chance I can find out the date this guitar was made? Thank you!!

Hi all,

I’ve inherited a Hohner B2A headless bass. S/N: 8855975

Could you give me any info on it regarding where it was made and such?

Looking at previous posts, it would seem that the 88 part of the serial number indicates that it was manufactured in 1988.

Is there any more info you can provide?

Many thanks in advance!

My B2A serial number appears to be C101976. Why is mine in a different format than all of yours and what year would mine be? Thanks for any help you all can offer.