Hohner B2A FL tone pots

I have a broken tone pots on a B2A FL (dual potentiometer for treble/bass tone). Is there someone who know where I can find this pot ?

Thanks !

To help with your request, where are you writing from?

I’m in France. Do you need more pictures to identify this pot ?

No. I was asking so as to find a source nearer to you.
My usual source is to order from Stewmac in the USA. Try them perhaps?

Thanks a lot. Indeed, I didn’t found what I need on stewmac but I found a wiring diagram and on it they are calling this “dual concentric control knob”… I f i search “dual concentric potentiometer” on the web, there’s plenty of them. I wasn’t searching with good terms… So, I have to dig to find exactly what I need but there’s is some light on the horizon ! Thanks! I’ll let you know.

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