Hohner B2A Trussrod Allen Key Size

Hi there

I have recently purchased a lovely Hohner B2A Bass but need to make a minor adjustment to the truss rod. Unfortunately one of my Allen keys seem to fit so I was hoping somebody could confirm what size Allen key I need.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Please note, that all necessary allen hex wrenches are metric.

The sizes for the different allen hex wrenches are:

  • 1.5mm : For adjusting the height of the ‘Saddle’
  • 2mm , 2.5mm : For adjusting the ‘Saddle’ and ‘TREMOLO ARM’
  • 3mm : For adjusting the height of the ‘TREMOLO ANCHOR BOLT’ (G3T only)
  • 4mm : For adjusting the ‘TRUSS ROD’
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