Hohner club 3m accordion

hello. I bought a hohner club 3m accordion and wanted to know about it.
such as year of manufacture and if possible who was its original purchaser.
Does it have a user manual and stuff?
the serial number is 689246
Thank you so much for everything.
greetings from Argentina.

Hi Juan,
I forwarded your enquiry to the Hohner Service Department and will relay their reponse.

Hi Juan,

here’s the response from the Hohner Service Department:

"For a flat fee of EUR 30.00 we can conduct an archive search to determine the age of your accordion, for which we will need the model designation and serial number.
This will enable us to find out the delivery date (Please note that for models produced between 1930 and 1987 you will receive the delivery date and shipping location, after 1987 the production month only).
The delivery dates will be send as a certificate.
If you are interested, you can pay the fee of EUR 30,00 to our paypal-account paypal@hohner.de. Please also send us your complete postal address.
As soon as we receive the fee, we will select the data and send the certificate by post to the address given."

I hope this helps,

regards, Steve

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