Hohner Crossover Review


I thought you might like to hear my review of the Crossover.

I’m a bit of a fan!


Thanks for the video. I guess there are more fans of the Crossover here…


danke, als Crossover fan ist mein Weg zwar noch weit , aber ich habe Spass und einen tollen Lehrer


LIKe i say on the video…the best harp on the market …period! https://youtu.be/IY62flK5zvM I like plastic like the new rockets etc…but ill always aim for the wood,and the crossver is for me perfect as the bamboo is sealed and it never swells.even if i play modern things i like that the harp have the bluesy touch thats why for me the wood and the crossover tunning make it perfect!


Not sure that the Hohner CrossOver Marine Band can be beat for a stock harmonica!!! Joe Filisko


I just got a hohner crossover. So far, it’s great, except since I’m a beginner the high notes sound weird and squeaky. And my first harmonica was a giant completely plastic toy harmonica that was $5, so I was a bit surprised by the size. And why is it more expensive than a lot of other harmonicas?


The Crossover is a high-end instrument. It features state of the art covers, top quality reed plates and a fully sealed bamboo laminate comb which is almost completely water resistant. In addition, the screw together assembly makes servicing the harmonica much easier. I play it myself, both on stage and when recording. Basically you get what you pay for.

With the high notes you need to take your time and learn to use less air but slightly more pressure (the small reeds are stiffer). It really helps to breathe from the diaphragm and relax.