Hohner CX12 repair

My CX12 Hole 2 Windsaver failed after only 7 Months of play, Had it repaired by a guy in Va. (took months by the way) and it was a VERY poor job. The Hole 2 is now broken again! I play about 5-6 hours/week and this second break occurred after only 6 Months of play. Is this an issue with the CX12 or a one-off problem. I live in SW Florida and would like to know if there is a repair person in this area.
Any help with this issue would be appreciated.
Thanks, Richard

Hi Richard,

the windsavers on the CX-12 are the same as on all Hohner chromatics. Due to the double layer construction, they are sensitive to moisture, so depending on how “wet” or “dry” you play, the layers may start to stick together after a while. You can sometimes fix this by separating the layers with a thin blade. There is a series of videos here https://www.hohner.de/en/service/harmonica/clean-maintain detailing how you can fix many common problems yourself.

For local assistance try contacting Tom Halchak at Blue Moon Harmonicas: info@bluemoonharmonicas.com

I hope this helps

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