Hohner CX12, Vibrato

I’m having trouble working Vibrato in my playing. I believe this skill separates paying tunes from playing music. Can you recommend an exercise or process to gain this technique? Thanks, Richard

You’re right, it’s an important way to give your playing character. Vibrato is usually created in the throat by partially interrupting the airflow in the larynx. You partially close the vocal folds, as if inhaling a series of soft "hhhh"s as in “harp”. This will produce a stacatto sound, which you need to try to soften so that the note doesn’t actually break off. It needs to have a regular pulsing beat to sound right, i.e. has to happen at constant intervals. There are other types such as diaphragm vibrato, and I sometimes use a hand vibrato where I gently shake the harmonica without breaking contact with the lips. You might want to try checking out Adam Gussow or Ronnie Shellist on YT, I’m sure they’ll have posted on this topic and they are reliable sources.

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Steve, I will soon be relocating to New Haven, CT (USA) and would like to get more Harp knowledge and playing skills. Can you give me any contact folks in that area. Richard

Why don’t you ask one of the online harmonica groups such as
<harp-l.org>? There are also numerous Facebook groups you can check out. I don’t live in the USA and can’t really help you here.