Hohner G-612m 12 string guitar

I have just purchased a G-612M and I was hoping I could find more information on it. This is the 4th Hohner I have gotten and I love how they play. There is one number inside that is 06751, another that is 032801 at the base of the neck. I see it is stamped made in Japan and on a bracing stamp that says Jun 81. For the other models I have, HG-300, HS-40, HG-25 I have been able to find something on the net about it such as materials used. However, this one is a mystery.

Hohner has stopped the production of guitars for some time. For all people who are looking for information on historical models, we collected all available information in a list on our website.
Please check the following link:

For all other models, we have no information in the Hohner archives.
Here, we need to rely on specialists of that time who may remember the old models.

Thank you Kristin for the reply. I know that solving these type of questions can be frustrating when the information isn’t there. I can hope someone may know. However, I do appreciate you getting back to me.

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