Hohner G3T info

I have a G3T serial number 04044717 what year was it produced.


Hi - This serial number indicates that your G3T was built in 1994.
Best regards

Hi Kristin, am I right in thinking that you can date the G3T made in Korea by the first two digits of the serial number ? Mine is 9001231, is this therefore made in 1990 ? Also I noticed that on the pdf file Hohner have on the web only the left handed version has been mentioned. Are the specs for the right handed one the same ? thank you very much.

Hi! I would also like to get my Hohner G3T LH dated, the serial number is CO04I10158 (the second character looks like letter ā€˜oā€™ in capital and third like a number zero, as they are of different width. The 5th character looks like letter ā€˜iā€™ in capital). Any other information like place of manufacture would be nice too!.

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