Hohner G3T Oil - any available anywhere?

Hi! Any idea if/where I can find a right handed G3T in the oil finish Hohner used to make? These seem to be sooooooo hard to find (seem to see a few left handed versions kicking around on the likes of eBay). I have one already but it’s the only one I have EVER seen for sale, and I’d dearly love another (it’s my favourite guitar ever). Any ideas??

Hello, I can tell you that as the Australian distributor for Hohner at Kurt Jacob & Co. we no longer have the G3T Oil finish guitar in stock. But for the information of others, its retail price was AUS$1,369.00 It was a headless guitar with two single coil & 1 humbucker pickups, and it had 24 frets. It had a maple neck and a rosewood fingerboard. It also had a Steinberger locking nut.

The right handed oil model was GE-1102; the left-handed oil model was GE-1106. They were also made in black and grey versions. I hope that helps in your search.

Tony Peri,
KJ Music, Sydney Australia.