Hohner g3t serial numbers/ year of manufacture?

Hello Steve,
I have two G3T ,one with serial C101276 Black and Silver-green 04080766
Any idea year and build in what country?


Hi Danny,

Hohner Service says the guitar no. C101276 was built in Indonesia in 1991. They have no records of the other one which you describe as Silver-green 04080766. A photo might help,


Hi! I’ve just bought a G3T with serial number 06036910 could you please tell me when and where it was made. I’ve wanted one since the mid 90s and this one plays exceptionally well. I’m so in love with it :heart_eyes:

Hi Tony,

these guitars were a fantastic deal when they came on the market in the mid-1980s and continue to be very popular today, they seem to have aged well. Yours was built in 1990 in S. Korea. Enjoy!

Cheers, Steve


Paul, developer of https://harpninja.com/ here.

I have a Hohner G3T I bought in London at this great little store called Allbang and Strummit near Covent Garden in 1990. I traded it in with a great Ibanez semi-hollow body that was really nice, but too heavy to go busking on Las Ramblas (which was and still is one of my favorite life experiences!)

Has serial # 9001860 on the electronics backplate.
Any clues as to manufacture? I suspect Korea?
Playing some toons with it here:

Also, many thanks again to Hohner for sending me a complete replacement bridge assembly many years ago, for free! Stellar customer service.

Hi Paul,
your guitar was indeed built in S. Korea, in 1990.
Thanks for your kind words about the customer service!

Hello! I also have a G3T with serial number CO04H10129
Could I know any info about it?
Thanks :pray:

Hohner Service says that your guitar was manufactured 1994 in Indonesia. Here the specs:

Californian solid maple through neck: Californian maple with Indian rosewood fingerboard; 24 nickel silver frets; colour: black; 3 Select designed by EMG; 2 single coil size, 1 humbucker size; vol/tone; 3 mini switches: on/off; push/pull for Vintage-Blend-Sound; black hardware, Steinberger; fine-tuning-bridge; tremolo with trem-lock

Hope that helps!

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Hiya. Can someone date and locate my G3T. I got 06129767. Thanks🤘

Hi Orion,
according to this serial number your G3T was built in S. Korea in 1990

Fab, thank you Steve!