Hohner g3t serial numbers/ year of manufacture?

Hi, I wonder if anyone can please help: I’ve got 2 hohner g3ts and would like to know when they were made. I can’t find any information at all on Google so I hope you can help?

one is serial #: 03020015. This is a black model.

The other’s # is: C012M11249. This one is my oil finish model.

Both these serial #s are located under the leg rest - that’s the right place to look, right?! There’s no other number marking I can see on the guitars.

Thank you very much
Jonny Capes

Dear Jonny.

The G3T model was built from 1988 to 1994. You perfectly located the serial numbers.Your serial # 03020015 model was made in 1993 and your serial # C012M11249. was made in 1991. Both guitars were made in Korea.

Best regards, Kristin

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Hello Kristin,
I’ve received my first G3T this Morning …. and I’m so surprise about the “agility” and facility to adapt me to this uncommon instrument.
I would like to know the year of production and the manufacture? Could you ask me?

Serial number: C011G10422

If Jonnycapes want to sale his G3T oïl finished, I’m open to discuss with him !!!

Best regards everybody & take care about the pandemy !!!


Hi Bruno,

Serial #C011G10422 indicates that the guitar was made in 1991.

Best regards,

Thank you Kristin for your answer. And the factory where it takes place ? Is it possible that you decrypt me the serial number in order to understand ?

I bought a G3T off of reverb.com and was told it was from 1987 is this true? There is a sticker under the tailpiece that says something like 87010500, I can’t make it out too well. The make of it all seems true but I want to be sure, it looks like any pictures I’ve seen. Stay safe, thanks Bryan


The information you have is correct.
Serial #87010500 for the model G3T indicates that the guitar was made in 1987.

Best regards,

Thanks so much Kristin I really appreciate your time. Keep Safe, Bryan

Hello Kristin,
I have a hohner st special s with serial number 8825162.

I would like to know the information about that guitar such as the year and the country of the guitar was made.

Thank you.

Hello Kristin,
I was just gifted a Hohner Professional G2T. The serial # is 8784838. I’d love any and all information about this guitar that you would like to share with me!


Hello Kristin!
Could you help me date my Hohner G3T?
The serial number is: 8610216

Very thankful for any help!

Best Regards
Bengt, Sweden

Hi Kristin,
I have a beautifull Hohner G3T with serial number 000 85524. Could you give me some information about year and place of manufacture?
Thanks in advance. Kind regards, Holly

I have had a G3-T that I bought used in 2002. I can’t find the SN. It’s not by leg stand or under electronic plate. Any suggestions?

Can someone tell me what year this G3T was made? SN 05043602 Thanks.

Hi Davito,
these guitars were first introduced in the mid-1980s and built until the mid-1990s. They were then reissued from 2008 until 2014. It isn’t possible to identify the year of manufacture from the serial number of the later models, but yours is from this 2nd period,

Hi Steve,
Could you please check the following serial number of G3T for me?
What year of production it represents?
In what country the guitar was produced?
Thank you very much.

Hi Miroslav, I’ve enquired and will let you know ASAP

According to Hohner Service it was made in 1991 in Indonesia

Hi Steve,
Thank you very much.

You’re welcome. They’re still really cool guitars.