Hohner Guitar date and country of origin

I recently bought what was described as a Hohner Les Paul Lawsuit guitar
from the 80’s, with a serial number of H 09176. Is anyone able to verify if that is true based on the these numbers? I bought it for $150 last weekend, and it’s been fully set up. Great sound and action, too.

Hohner Service can’t find a model with this serial number. They say that Hohner was marketing Les Paul style guitars from mid-1980s - mid-1990s. If it’s good then I’d say you got a bargain.

Thanks, Steve.
I did find another number on the back of the lock nut plate. HG 130V.
I have tried to remove the back plate to the electronics, but the final screw is stripped. May work on that this weekend. It is a really nice guitar with a remarkable sound. I hope to find a little about its history. Either way, it’s not going anywhere.


Sorry Rob, that number didn’t turn up anything either. Hope you enjoy playing the guitar!

The HG 130 was a bolt on neck Les Paul copy made for Hohner in the mid 1970s in Japan. I think V stands for Violin Sunburst. Is yours a dark brown sunburst?