Hohner HG 310 Limited Edition Guitar

Just browsing the internet while in virus shut down mode. Researching an old guitar I had owned I noticed an error / incomplete listing in the Hohner Historical Guitar list.

I owned a HG 310 LE I bought in 1975. I believe it was a 1974 model. I think I paid C$180 for the guitar and C$50 for the case.

This was hand made in Japan and extremely well made. It had spruce top, rosewood sides and back, ebony neck, and black pick guard. There was HOHNER decal on the headstock, reminiscent of a Martin D-35. There was a herringbone binding and back strip with small, simple fleur-de-lis fingerboard dots.

I had the neck reset and three frets replaced in 1980 or 81. There was no other work done up until I sold it in 2017. The action and neck were good but getting close to another reset. There was no bellying, cracks, crazing etc. The tuning posts were still tight. The fingerboard did have a lot of wear though. The major reason I sold it is because of my arthritis took a lot of joy out of playing. I’ve played a few Martin D-28s that didn’t hold up as well. BUT, I did take good care of her.

This guitar DID NOT have a serial number. My understanding was those HG 310 made on or before 1975 (although it may have been later) did not have serial numbers. I understand, though not positive, these were done on special assignment for Hohner from 1973-75. They were reissued in 1978-85 with serial numbers and slightly different build. Much of that is what I’ve gleaned from others as documentation on these is weak and I accept I may be remembering wrong or was misinformed.

The Historical List shows:

  1. They were made from 1978-85. However they were made from at least 1975 and I believe even earlier. I believe the 1978-85 run were serial numbered models.

  2. The list says they were semi hollow-body. This was a standard dreadnought acoustic, similar to a D-28 with X-bracing. The 1978-85 models I’ve seen were also dreadnoughts.

I have several photos from when I sold the guitar if anyone is interested.

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