Hohner HS-40 serial number decoder

Hello all,
I just bought a beautiful 2nd (maybe 3rd) hand Hohner HS-40 hollow body jazz guitar. Its serial number is S7016962. It was certainly made in Korea, as wrote on the rear top of the neck. I’d like to know when it was made, if possible.
Thanks a lot in advance.


According to Hohner Service Dept. your guitar was built in 1987. This was apparently the only year that this information was displayed on the instrument. Hohner guitars from the 1980s seem to have aged well :star_struck:

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Thank you very much, Steve!!!
The guitar is in perfect shape.

Looks like you lucked out here Egidio :grin:

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Dear Steve,
Searching informations about this guitar on the web, I never found a picture of that model with the same bridge like mine, that has a rosewood floating bridge instead of an ABR-1 style fixed bridge. v
Here is a picture comparison (mine is the lower one). Do you know when/why the bridge was changed?
Thanks a lot in advance for any information about this model :pray:t3:.

Sorry Egidio, I can’t tell you anything definitive about the reasons for this design change. As the volume and tone controls are also in slightly different positions on your guitar, it’s possible that it was made in a different factory. Although the models from the 1980s were built in S. Korea, some Hohner guitars were later apparently built in Indonesia. Do you have a serial number for the one with the fixed bridge?

I’m sorry, I don’t have the SN of that guitar with fixed bridge. I found the picture on Reverb.
Here is the link:

Then I guess you’ll just have to enjoy playing your one :wink:

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